Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit  – Unsecured and Secured (July 2023)

Getting a credit card with a poor credit score can be as hard as nails. However, in this article, we’ve been able to gather the best credit cards for bad credit scores.

Hence, these cards may be secured or unsecured. Thus, a secured credit card comes with a deposit.

Having said that, let us list the best Credit Cards for Bad Credit.Best Credit Cards Rights Now

Secured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

This credit card help you build or rebuild your credit history with ease. Hence, this card offers you a high chance of boosting your credit score.

However, you will have to deposit at least $200 to your account. But, note that the money your deposit is equal to your credit line.

Thus, after using this card for 7 months, you can be upgraded to an unsecured card.

Also, as a cardholder, you can earn 2% cash back at Gas Stations and Restaurants. But, you must spend at least $1,000 in joint purchases every six months.

That’s not all, you can also earn 1% cash back on all other purchases. Also, you’ll get a double match of all cash back earned at the end of your first year.

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The Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card helps you build your credit. Hence, it also helps you to apply for a secured credit card without the need for a credit check.

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Thus, this Credit Card reports its account activities to major credit bureaus. And its annual fee is $35.

However, you’re allowed to have a credit limit of $3,000 by making a security deposit of $3,000 as well.

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The Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card helps you improve your credit.

Hence, to begin, you will need a security deposit of at least $49 to $200 which is used as your credit line. That is to say, the more deposit you make the higher your credit line.

Also, there are no foreign transaction fees, no replacement fees, or extra user fees.

That’s not all, this Credit Card reports all your account activities to the major credit bureaus.

So, if you make good use of this card, you have a high chance of qualifying for unsecured credit cards.

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  • Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card

The Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card is a secured credit card that builds your credit score for free. Hence, with this card, there are no hidden charges or fees.

Also, this card reports all card activities to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Hence, you can build good credit by making on-time payments and using your card for daily purchases.

Thus, visit for more info.

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Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Milestone MasterCard gives you a chance to build your credit and it’s for those with poor credit.

This card helps you build your credit. And it does this by reporting card activities to the major credit bureaus.

Hence, you can grow your credit by using this card wisely on daily purchases. Also, this card is accepted anywhere MasterCard is approved in the U.S.

That’s not all, as a cardholder you have full access to your account. Thus, you can track and manage your progress.

Also, this card doesn’t require a security deposit, unlike secured credit cards.

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  • Mission Lane Visa Credit Card

The Mission Lane Visa Credit Card is for those that want to build or rebuild their credit.

Also, this card comes with a $0 to $59 annual fee. Hence, your annual fee depends on your credit score.

Thus, visit to check if you’re qualified.

Hence, note that this process has no impact on your credit score. Having said that, you can build your credit with no hidden fees or charges.

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  • Platinum MasterCard from Capital One

This card helps you improve your credit without having to make a security deposit.

Also, it offers you a chance to apply for higher credit cards after using them well for six months.

Having said that, this card has no annual fee and allows you to access and monitor your credit.

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Hence, you can visit for more info.

  • Petal Credit card

Petal has two credit cards that can help you build your credit. Hence Petal 1 credit card helps you build your credit with a $0 annual fee.

Hence, you can track and manage your credit score and earn 2% – 10% cash back at approved merchants.

Also, the Petal 1 credit card comes with no foreign transaction fee and you can build your credit with ease.

However, the Petal 1 Rise credit card offers you an easier way to build your credit.

Hence, you can also earn 2% – 10% cash back at any approved merchant. But this card comes with an annual fee of $59 and has no foreign transaction fee.

Final Word

In summary, we’ve been able to give you a brief on the best credit cards for bad credit scores.

Having said that, we hope this article was a great help and contain all the info you need

Hence, for questions, please leave a comment and we will reach out to you soon.

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