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BBVA compass select credit card is issued by BBVA compass bank and it is used generally everywhere visa card is requires a good credit card rating and accepts no introductory charges. its normal APR rate sits 13.49-17.49% and there are no annual charges expected.BBVA Compass Select Credit Card Login

Benefits/ rewards

  • Users who purchase items over $5000 dollars are likely to receive 5000 bonus points
  • If you buy items above $2000 after the first 3 months of purchasing, you are entitled to receive 20000 points.
  • You can enjoy the card normal APR rate at 13.49-17.49%.
  • Bonus points can be used to purchase merchandise or gifts and used to travel to destinations that accept the card.

A simple BBVA Compass Select Credit Card Login will avail you all the benefits of this card.

Application criteria for BBVA Compass Select Credit Card

To qualify and be eligible to use this card, these requirements must be met;

Must be 18 years and above.

Possession of a government issued ID.

And be a resident of USA.

How to apply For BBVA Compass Select Credit Card Login

  • Visit the homepage of the BBVA compass bank (
  • Go to the blue page that has an inscription like this ‘yes, start my application’ and click on it to be directed to the application page.
  • Fill in the required information and review the terms and conditions on the page to agree to the electronic terms.
  • Click on ‘continue’ and verify your account details.

How to check application status

To confirm your application status call 1-800-266-7277, you will give them your application reference number for confirmation.

To cancel card

if you want to close your credit card account call 1-800-266-7277.

BBVA Compass Select Credit Card Login | How To Login BBVA Credit Card

The BBVA compass credit card is issued by the BBVA compass bank which is 1 of d largest bank in USA and charges customers no fee for the foreign transaction. So users can be redeemed their bonuses when the travel, and make purchases. The following steps are guidelines on how to login;

  • go to the homepage( login page) and move to the login section
  • Once you can locate the login widget, you have to provide your Username and passcode In other to begin to enjoy the card services.

Forgot password

  • In the case of a forgotten password, users should visit the homepage of the bank services and click on the ‘forgot passcode’ link on the bottom of the widget.
  • you will be transferred to another page where you will be asked to provide your sixteen digits account number and get a new password or ( call 1-877-676-5172) for assistance.

How to activate BBVA Compass Select Credit Card

After you have login, you need to activate the card and start using its services. To activate the card, visit the homepage and fill in the spaces provided, your username  (for already registered members) password, account number, and name as printed on your card (first-time users). Then click submit.

How to make payment

  • After logging in to the site, the user will find out from the home screen, how to begin to make payment with the card.
  • You can give a go ahead order to be debited by your bank using the auto debit system. It is always the best to avoid defaulting payment.

Customer care

Call 1-800-266-7277.