Card features

The card is issued by the bank of Hawaii. It has an easy enrollment portal for users and can be used at any Hawaiian airlines. Its credit rating requirements is low. It offers an annual fee and cash advance fees of 5 %( A minimum of $10).BANK OF HAWAII VISA CREDIT CARD LOGIN

There are no introductory charges attached to its users for 18 months. Its cash advance fee APR rate is 15.24% and can generally be quoted at 19.99% – 24.99%. A simple BANK OF HAWAII VISA CREDIT CARD LOGIN will avail you these benefits.


-Users can earn points on each purchase and also bonus at the end of the year for each point.

– There is a package for unlimited points that do not expire if a minimum of $250 and $500 is spent on gas/ cell phones/cable bills and groceries respectively.

– Users are entitled to 10% annual year-end bonus.

– There is a balance transfer fee of 4%.

How To Apply Bank Of Hawaii Visa Credit Card

To apply for the bank of Hawaii credit card customers must first.

  • Go online and click on ‘Apply Online’ on the bank of Hawaii visa signature credit card.
  • The applicant must fill in a general information that includes; Name, Mailing Address, City. The rest are state, zip code, time spent on permanent address and residential status
  • The applicant must provide their employment financial statuses such as occupation, total annual income, and type of account
  • The user would fill in there; ‘contact information’, ‘security information’ and decide on how to receive a statement (whether online or through the mail).
  • Read the terms and conditions and click apply

How to check application status

  • Go to web page and click on ‘check the status’
  • Enter the ‘last name’. Last 4 digits of ‘Social security number’, ‘zip code’ and ‘email addresses. click check status


To log in to use the account, you will have to go to bank of Hawaii login page & enter your username/password at a column at the right of the page

Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password and want to use the card service, here are steps to follow;

  • Click on ‘forgot username’ or ‘password’ at the login section
  • A new page resurfaces, where you will be required to fill in last 4 digits of your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH AND ACCOUNT NUMBER. Then click CONTINUE.

How to make payment

To make payment with bank of Hawaii credit card, you will have to do the following;

  • follow the login steps, scroll to the option on how to make payment (either by the bank branch, phone or mail)
  • Users can auto debit from their bank, the credit card company will collect their bill from their bank account.

How to activate card

  • Go to the online account and click on ‘set up account access’
  • Provide your personal information; Name, Mailing Address, City, state, zip code, time spent on permanent address and residential status
  • Verify if you are us citizen or not
  • Select a username/ password and click “continue”.

Customer care

  • 643-888 (for those in Hawaii)
  • 1-866-250-2883
  • 1-866-686-5229 (for business / consumer credit card users).