Understanding Bank Holidays: Is Presidents Day a Bank Holiday? [except]

Presidents’ Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday, is around the corner, falling on Monday, February 19, 2024.

If you are wondering whether your bank will be open, we have got the details. Keep reading to learn more.

It might be difficult not knowing which banks are open on holidays, especially if you need to deposit a check or inquire about a loan and learn that your branch is closed.

Because banks are private businesses, they can choose to stay open whenever they wish, including on Saturday and Sunday.

However, nearly all banks in the United States close for federal holidays such as Presidents Day.

Most major banks across the United States will be closed for Presidents’ Day.

This includes big names like Bank of America, Chase, Citi, PNC, and Wells Fargo, among others.

So, if you were planning to swing by these banks on the holiday, you might need to reschedule your visit.

However, there’s always an exception. TD Bank is the outlier among major banks, keeping its branches open on Presidents’ Day.

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But here’s the catch: TD Bank branches are primarily located in the eastern United States.

So, if you’re outside that area, you might still need to make alternative plans.

Likewise, if you’re not near a TD Bank and still need to do some banking on Presidents’ Day, don’t worry.

Some regional banks have your back. Take Arvest Bank , for example. Their branches in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma will remain open, giving you options if you’re in these areas.

Check out other holiday for the coming year 2024

Holiday                                                                 Date

New Year’s Day                                                 January 1

Martin Luther King Day                                      January 15

Presidents’ Day                                                February 19

Memorial Day                                                    May 27

Juneteenth                                                         June 19

Independence Day                                              July 4

Labor Day                                                      September 2

Columbus Day                                            October 14

Veterans Day                                          November 11

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Thanksgiving                                         November 28

Christmas Day                                      December 25


In a nutshell, while Presidents’ Day might be a day off for many, it’s not the best time for banking errands.

Unless you’re near a TD Bank or within the service area of a regional bank like Arvest, it’s a good idea to plan your banking tasks for a different day.

Keep in mind that ATMs and online banking services are available 24/7, so you can still manage your finances conveniently, even on holidays.

So, whether you’re enjoying a day off or running errands, remember to check your bank’s status and location to avoid any surprises. Happy Presidents’ Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all banks closed on bank holidays?

Bank holidays are days off when banks and many other companies are closed. Public holidays, such as Christmas Day, are holidays that have been observed through custom and practice.

What to Do If Your Bank Is Closed?

Even if your bank location is closed, there are a few options for meeting the majority of your financial needs.

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Accessing your online bank account or using the bank’s mobile app is the simplest approach.

Because of the popularity of online and mobile banking, a lot of online-only banks offer a full range of goods and services that allow you to conduct the majority of the banking operations that you could do in a branch, such as transferring money and making deposits.

What is another name for Presidents Day?

George Washington’s Birthday

While it may appear that the entire country celebrates “Presidents’ Day,” Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, and New York mark the third Monday in February as “Washington’s Birthday” or “George Washington Day.” Some states, like Virginia, observe Washington’s birthday throughout the month of February.

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