Amazon Store Card Login Online – Get The best Amazon Store Card

There are lots of cards out there you can use to make purchase online and offline store, but Amazon Store card stands out. If you are Amazon faithful and loyal customers, this card is for you. It comes with 5% cash back on all your purchase.Amazon Store Card Login

The online retailer now offers 5% back for Prime members with its loyalty credit card, a number that’s more than double what the warehouse club offers. It is the best and a must have if you are an Amazon Prime member. The big ticket customers will really gain a whole lot from this offer.

This card is issued by Synchrony Bank and has been on the market since 2015 when it was released. Another good part of this card is that it is available everywhere.

This article will show you the simple way to complete your Amazon Store card login with easy. The steps below will guide you.

Amazon Store Card Login Online Process

To login to your Amazon card account online, you will need to firstly;

  1. Visit the sites official web page at click login on the card section. You can click the link here to do so.
  2. Enter your username and password in the spaces provided and select ‘sign in’.

Benefits of Amazon Store Card Login

  • Users stand to get 5% back on any Amazon Purchase less than $149.
  • When you make a purchase of up to $599, you will earn back 5% or choose of 0% financing on Amazon.
  • It comes with 26.24 Purchase APR rate.
  • You get a 12- month equal pay offer in the time of eligible promotion.
  • Users can earn back 5% back or select six months of 0% financing on Amazon purchase of $149 or more.
  • It comes with no annual fee.
  • Users of the card during 2016 were given a $40 gift card automatically loaded on to the card the first time you gain approval.

You can Pay with Reward Point

This lets user’s pay with accumulated point. This offer also allows so many credit cards affiliated with Amazon. These cards listed for a reward from Amazon are all qualified for the reward program that let users pay with their gathered point over time.

You can pay with point using your American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Reward, Citi Thank You Reward and Discover Cashback Bonus.

But to get enlisted for Amazon pay with point, users will need to register their card with Amazon

Get Bonus Offers

Some credit cards have been listed on the bonus cash back category on Amazon. These lists of cards issuer run a unique Amazon Promotion before e the users of the card can be qualified for these.

There are lots of credit card on this category which include; Discover It. This card comes with same 5% cash back like Amazon Store Card.

Chase Freedom gives 10% back when you use Amazon in 2015. If you are using any of Express cards like Blue Cash Everyday, Blue Cash Preferred, you are sure to get 10% cash back with each purchase from Amazon. But before making use of the bonus, try and go through the term and condition of it to know if there is limit to the purchase.

All big ticket customers of Amazon are advised to make use of this great offer and special financing.

I am sure no this 5% offer is unbeatable on the market today. For those that can do without the special offer, the Amazon credit card will do. The Amazon credit card or Amazon Visa credit card can be used anywhere and offers user 3% back each you make a purchase from Amazon and 2% when you use it at gas stations, drug store, eateries or 1% anywhere else.