Amazon Store Card Login, Payment/Customer Service

If you are a regular at Amazon? This is the information you will readily needed. This article will unveil to you key details and information about Amazon Store card. Most users label it as store card, and others calls it Credit Card, but it is still the same service. Continue reading to know the difference.

Amazon has been a popular service provider house for decades. But have you ever wondered why? Well, beyond payment, there are other multitude of benefits of Amazon Store Credit card.

But this article will concentrate on your application process and how you can check your application status.

This article is about Amazon store card offered by Synchrony bank. It is different from Amazon Visa card by Chase.

Amazon Store Card Application Options/Login Guide

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Customer Service & Support Pay Via Phone

There are some situations when your card application is not approved instantly. You it happened that you don’t get instant approval, please you will need to be patient. Sometimes, it could take up to 2-4 weeks for decision on your application.

The best advice is that you wait for two weeks before calling to confirm your card status.

Billing Address

  • Mail: Mailing is the last option and reliable. You can make your credit card payment via mail. Simply send a check or money order using the following address:
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Amazon Store Card
P.O. Box 71711
Philadelphia, PA 19176-1711

Going forward, the credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. You can always contact Synchrony Bankfor any issue that have to do with your Card.

Amazonhas been a popular Service provider house for decades. But, have you ever wondered why? Well, beyond payment, there are other multitude of benefits you can gain from their portal.

Note: Users of this card are advised to attend to the hints below to avoid processing delays when you send your check or money order:

  • Cash is not acceptable.
  • Enter correctly the 16-digit card number on the memo line
  • Avoid the use of staples or clips
  • Don’t fold checks when send.
  • Only use one check per payment
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The disadvantage of making payment via mail is the time it takes. It takes the longest time to post. When you want to make your payments, you are advised to always send payments at least 5-7 working days before your due date.

You can use our comment box if you are having issues understanding any part of these guild. Or, better still, you can choose to visit the service provider using the contact above.