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As a member-owned financial cooperative, Alliant Credit Union offers exclusive benefits to employees, retirees and members of the qualifying organization and their family members. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Alliant Credit Union has revenue of 287.8 million USD and total assets of 9.696 billion USD as at 2017 and a total number of 555 employees.Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Union offers a wide range of services, low fees as well as competitive interest rates. You can easily open accounts for children and teach them about money.

How good is Alliant Credit Union?

Alliant  Union combines the best of both worlds of broad membership criteria, great rates, and good tech experience to give it’s members the best.

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Why Join?

Save More Money

Members earn 2.10% APY with Alliant High Rate Savings Account.

Stress-Free Online Banking

You can conveniently manage your money with online and mobile banking.

Earn More Rewards

Cash in on a credit card with great rates and rewards.


Revel no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirements.

Low intro rate low standard rate

Members can save on interest with the Alliant Visa Platinum Card

Auto Programs to help you save

Get a rate discount with Alliant Car Buying Service and save on repairs with its Vehicle Service Program.

Eligibility & Agreement

Employees&Retirees of select organizations.

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Relatives of existing Alliant members.

Members of select organizations

Live or work in a Qualifying Community

Not Eligible? No Problem. Support Alliant partner charity.

Any domestic partners of unmarried members.

Any member of Foster Care to Success.

Who is Alliant Credit Union Best For?

Alliant Union is best for those who desire;

  • CDs that do not charge heavy penalties if you cash out early
  • Over 80,000 ATMs in the Allpoint and CO-OP networks
  • High-interest rates on fee-free savings accounts
  • Cash deposits at selected ATMs.
  • Free checking with online bill payment
  • Savings account for children
  • A checking account with rebates on fees that are charged by ATM owners.
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Types of Account Offered by Alliant Credit Union

  • Kids Savings Account
  • Teen Checking
  • High-Rate Savings
  • Free Checking
  • Certificate of Deposit (CDs)
  • High-Rate Checking.

Organized differently than a bank, Alliant Credit Union is poised to offer you financial guidance to wherever life takes you.

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