Afterpay Stores (Alphabetical order) – Who Accepts Afterpay?

Before we start listing store that accepts Afterpay, let’s give you a brief on what Afterpay is.

AfterPay is an easy way of making electronic payments to several online stores. Hence, this platform helps you make payments in bits at your favorite online store.

In other words, it allows you to make payments for certain goods or services from an online store in bits.

Hence, users can extend payment on purchases. And make payment weekly until the payment is complete.

Thus, you don’t need a credit check to use Afterpay and there are no extra charges.Afterpay Stores

Now that you know what Afterpay is, let’s have a look at the stores that accept Afterpay:

Who Accepts Afterpay?

Here are the top clothing and electronic stores that accept Afterpay:

  • Clothing Stores

American Eagle



Arraei Collective

Bella & Coop





Hilary MacMillan


Miss Lola


Native Shoes




Princess Polly

Province of Canada


Revival Apparel





  • Electronics Stores


Bing Lee

Bunnings Warehouse


Dick Smith


Go Blender


Harris Scarfe

JB Hi-Fi

Kleva Range


Mighty Ape



Oz Mobiles


Peters of Kensington

Robins Kitchen

Shaver Shop


The Good Guys

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Hence, for more list of stores that accept Afterpay, visit

Does Afterpay Have Spending Limits?

Of course, Afterpay’s spending limits start at $600. But, if you have a history of consistent payment, then you might get a higher spending limit.

Does Afterpay Affect Your Credit Score?

Although to use Afterpay, a soft credit check will be carried out. But, this does not affect your credit score at all.

Afterpay does not report your activity to any credit reporting agency. So, your credit score is not affected at all.

How to Use Afterpay

To use Afterpay, sign up for a free Afterpay account via

Also, you can just download the app and click on Sign up to create an Afterpay account.

Once you’ve signed up for an Afterpay account, locate your favorite shop and choose what you want to buy.

After that, select your method of payment. Now, enter your payment info to round off your purchase.

Once your order is approved, you’ve just created an Afterpay account.

However, to use AfterPay you must meet up with some requirements.

Hence, here are some requirements needed to use Afterpay which are:

  • The user must be 18 years of age or older and must be a legal holder of an approved debit or credit card
  • Your purchases must be over $35.
  • You must make a 25% payment upfront.
  • Finally, you may pay in four installments every two weeks. And you must do this until your purchase is paid off completely.
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What Are the Benefits of Accepting Afterpay?

To ability to buy now and pay later is a new way of buying things with ease.

Hence, now that prices of things rise daily, this is a great way to buy what you want with ease.

This, you can buy what you want, when you want it even with less funds to pay for it.

Having said that, Afterpay is the solution you need to buy now and pay later in bits.

Because Afterpay is not a credit card, there are no extra charges or fees. But when you’re late with a repayment, you’re charged a little fine.

Also, businesses can benefit from Afterpay as well. So, if you’re thinking of buying gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is a great way to go about it.

Can I Use Afterpay at Walmart?

Sadly, Walmart does not accept Afterpay as a payment method for both in-store and online for now.

However, you can shop from Walmart with other “Buy Now, Pay Later” services like; Klarna, and Affirm. As well as Quadpay and PayPal.

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Can You Use Afterpay at Target?

Of course, you can use Afterpay at Target across the United States. But, you can’t use Afterpay for online transactions at Target.

Can I Get Cash From Afterpay?

No, you can’t. Afterpay does not offer a direct option to get cash from its service. But, it allows you to shop at any active store and pay for your purchases in bits.

Can I Use Afterpay to Pay Bills?

Afterpay is mainly designed for online and in-store purchases. In that case, you cannot use Afterpay to pay bills.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, we hope this article was a good guide on Afterpay Stores and stores that accept Afterpay.

Hence, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will reach out to you soon.

Having said that, thank you for reading and we hope this article was worth reading.