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Credit Card Affirm Credit Login, Payment, and Customer Service

Affirm Credit Login, Payment, and Customer Service

Affirm is a San Francisco popular financial tech company in the United States of America.

It was founded in 2012 and offers several financing plans to its users. Hence, this includes both personal loans and credit cards

Affirm runs a buy now, pay later service with over 245,000 merchant partnerships.

In this article, we will tell you how to access your account online.

Also, we will tell you how to make your payment. As well as how to contact Customer Service.

So, make sure you scan through this article thoroughly to get all the info you need.

That being said, let’s begin by telling you how to access online.

Affirm Credit Login

The steps below will guide you on how to access your account online:

  • To begin, open on a web browser.
  • Once you’ve done that, provide your mobile number.
  • Now, select the ‘Continue option to get a verification code via SMS.
  • Next, with the verification code, you can now access your account online.
  • However, if you’ve got a new number, you can update your account.
  • To do this, open the ‘New number? Update your account link below the box for your mobile number.
  • Once you’ve done that, provide your legal first and last name, Suffix, and SSN.
  • After that, select the ‘Continue’ button. Then, follow the prompts on your screen to update your account.
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But, if you don’t have an account, follow these steps to create one:

  • To create one, open the ‘Don’t have an account? Create one link.
  • Once you’ve opened the link, enter your mobile number and select the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Now, follow the prompts after that to create a new account.

How to Make an Affirm Credit Payment

You can make Payment in several ways. Hence, here are some ways by which you can make Payment:

  • Over the Phone

One easy way to make a payment is by making a payment over the phone.

Hence, to do this call Customer Service at 855-423-3729.

  • Online

To make an payment online, log into your account.

Next, navigate to Pay and click on the purchase you want.

Now, select the ‘make one-time payment’ option. Then, choose how much you want to pay and when you’ll pay.

After that, add or choose a payment method and select ‘Continue’.

Once you’ve done that, review the payment amount, method, and date and select ‘Submit’.

  • App

To make an payment via mobile app, follow the steps below:

First, download the Affirm app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

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Next, sign in to your Affirm using your mobile number.

Now, head out to ‘Manage’ and click on the purchase you want.

After that, select the payment amount, date, and method. Once you’ve done, click on the ‘Pay now’ option.

  • Mail

However, you can make payments via mail. To do that, send your payment to the mailing address below:

  • Affirm Inc. – Customer

PO Box 201209

Dallas, TX 75320-1209

Hence, don’t forget to include the mobile number linked to your account on the check.

Also, ensure you attach your loan ID as well to the check.

Credit Customer Service

For inquiries, send mail to:

  • Affirm, Inc.

30 Isabella Street

Floor 4

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

For Affirm Credit payment, send payment to:

  • Affirm Inc. – Customer

PO Box 201209

Dallas, TX 75320-1209

However, for complaints, subpoenas, or other legal documents, send mail:

  • CT Corporation System

330 N Brand Blvd.

Glendale, California 91203


In summary, these are all you need to know on how to access your Credit account online.

Hence, we’ve also provided info useful info on how to make payment. As well as how to contact Customer Service.

But, if you have any questions about this article, drop them in the comment.

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Having said that, thank you for reading!


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