Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card Login | Pay Bill Online

 Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card Login | Pay Bill Online

Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card is issued by the TORONTO DOMINION BANK and can be used anywhere visa is accepted. it has a good rating.

Having a cash advance fee of %$2.00 in Canada and $3.50 outside Canada. Affinity credit union low master rate’s annual fee is $30, 99% normal APR Rate, 11.99% For cash Advance APR Rate.Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card

Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card offers its customers a secure web portal through which they gain access to their credit card account.

The card is advantageous as it charges customers very low rate. The card has a user-friendly online portal to enable applicants in their transaction. A simple Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card Login will grant you access to the reward it brings.

Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card Rewards

The benefits customers stand to get for using Affinity Credit Union Rate Master Card are

  • Affinity credit union low rate master card charges as low as $30.
  • Affinity card offers 99% APR
  • The interest rate of affinity card is very low

How to apply for Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card Login

In order to apply to have affinity credit union low rate master card, the necessary requirements must be met;

  • The applicant must have a clear credit record
  • Must have been declared as a bankrupt in the past 6months
  • The person must be a resident in Canada.

When these are requirements have been met, the applicant can proceed to the online application by;

  • Login to the home screen of the choice reward [] and look for Affinity credit union low rate master card link.
  • Select yes if you are a credit union member, and enter the words ‘’affinity credit union’’.
  • Read and or print the legal disclosures and other details of the credit card.
  • Fill in the requested details in the applicant’s information section;
    • First name,
    • Last name,
    • Home address,
    • City,
    • Canadian Province
    • Are you a Canadian citizen?
    • Years at the current address.
    • Home phone number.
    • Mobile number.
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When this is done, the applicant will proceed by providing his personal information such as

Email address.

Social security number AND.

Mother’s Name.

Finally, the applicant is to select his employment information and state if you wish to have an authorize user, before clicking on ‘continue’, view the card features.

Checking of application status AND cancellation of application.

Customers who have applied for affinity credit union low rate card but wish to check the status of their application should call 800.325.0808. And those who wish to cancel their credit card application should call same numbers and respond to the IVR.

How to Login Affinity Credit Union Low Rate Master Card Online

For those who wish to have credit cards with low-interest low, affinity card offers its users such benefits. The card is given by the ‘’cutlets’’, who partners with affinity credit union low rate card to make people’s life better.

Affinity card through its web portal provides its customers with the opportunity to pay their bills online, sit in the comfort of their homes to check their online account, retrieve their login particulars, activate their cards and manage their accounts online.

How to login

Only those who already have an online account can log in. If not, the rest have to apply before logging in. So to log in, the customer has to visit the login homepage at  Locate the ‘’online Banking’’ button. You will again see a green button which is the login button, click on it. Provide your number in the blank space and click on ‘continue’.

Forgot password

If a customer forgets his password, he is to go to the account setup the page of the affinity credit union card and enter his account and membership number.

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