Affinity Credit Card, are cards that are co-branded mostly with non-profit brands. It is with the aim of helping the brand as well as market the credit card to have more customer reach depending on the size of the brand audience. This article is a complete Affinity Credit Card Reviews aired at giving you all you will want about the card.

One example of an Affinity Credit Card is the “Wolves Mastercard” which is issued by Creation Bank for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC fans. This example of an Affinity Credit Card offers a range of benefits and exclusive deals. These deals are on Wolves merchandise to Wolves fans to help them better support their team cause.Affinity Credit Card Reviews

How Does Affinity Credit Card Work? Full Affinity Credit Card Reviews

Here are things that make Affinity Credit Card thick.

These cards, help generate revenue, build loyalty and preach the brand’s message. The purchases you make using an Affinity Credit Card only impacts on the brands. This is depending on the agreement between the brand and the credit card issuer.

The credit card agreement, on the other hand, tells you how much the affiliate brands get from the card issuer. Thus before you embark on using an Affinity Credit Card for purchase, ensure the credit card actually benefits the brands in question.

What To Look Out For In Affinity Card

Affinity Credit Card like any other card via the card issuer makes a certain amount of credit available to you depending on your credit worthiness. Note, you are responsible for making at least the minimum payment on any balance you charge on your credit card. Also, you make payments to the credit card issuer like you would with any other credit card.

Before you choose an Affinity card, consider the annual fee on the card. Check the interest rate, if the card charges a foreign transaction fee as well as rewards offered on the card.

Another factor you are to consider is the amount of money the brands in question receive for credit card purchases in other to ensure that you are actually supporting your brand cause.

Bear also in mind that Affinity Credit Card oftentimes tends to charge higher interest rates than other credit cards. Thus you are required to pay your balance in full each month to boycott extra interest expense if you have the hopes of earning rewards on your credit card purchases.

Some Affinity cards may offer a rewards program to motivate cardholders to use the credit card. Others also offer a signup bonus or Intro interest rates on balance transfers or purchases.


Like other credit cards, Affinity Credit Card also has its upsides and downsides. Let’s take a look at these demerits.

If the credit card issuers and the affiliate body decides to earn the partnership, the cardholder also gets directly hit. Your card may be canceled due to the break in partnership thus stripping you of any rewards you’ve gathered and also the ability to make new purchases using your card. You’ll be allowed to pay off your balance under the previous terms.

Other Alternatives to Affinity Credit Card

You can donate directly to the brand of your choice without using an Affinity Credit Card. The donation can be directly made to the brands depending on your budget and annual giving goals. Note, also those charitable donations you give directly to qualified non-profit brands may qualify for a tax deduction where your Affinity credit does not.

Is Affinity Credit Card Really Worth It?

At the end of the day, it’s your choice to make whether to go for an Affinity Credit Card or support a brand whose cause you support directly. If you are sure the brands whose cause you wish to support gets impacted via your dealings with their card, why not?  You can use an Affinity Credit Card, but if in doubt you can donate your quote directly.  Direct donations sometimes have more impact on the brands as against using an Affinity Credit Card. Hope it helps.

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