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Just as ABNB MasterCard platinum credit card, ABNB Visa platinum credit card is issued by ABNB federal credit union and Visa. ABNB Bank offers those that patronize them a secured enroll portal which enables them to apply for a new credit card with ease.ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Credit Card

ABNB platinum credit card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. In the rating requirement, the card is rated ‘good’, and promises a normal APR Rate of 9.49% -17.99% as well as cash advance APR rate of 9.49% -17.99%. One of the features of ABNB Visa platinum credit card login is that it promises to charge no annual fee on its users.


ABNB Visa Platinum Credit Card has a lot of benefit for its users. One of such benefits is that;

  • User can earn valuable rewards through the uChoose Rewards program
  • Users can purchase power online and in stores anywhere, anytime in the whole world.
  • Cardholders of ABNB Visa Platinum Credit Card receive Visa checkouts which are verified by Visa for added security.
  • With ABNB Visa Platinum Credit card, users are sure of an easy and secure online account management
  • ABNB Visa Platinum Visa Credit Card has competitive rates
  • Users are not charged any annual fee.
  • Secure code for shopping protection is offered to users of ABNB Visa Platinum Credit Card.
  • Users pay no cash annual fees, no transaction fees, and no balance transfer fee.

 Requirement For The Application For Abnb Visa Platinum Credit Card Login.

To be eligible to apply for the card, the prospective applicant must

  • Have been up to 18 years of age
  • Have a recognized street address
  • The street should be found in the United States of America
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Be a member of South Hampton Roads community.

Method Of Application

Having known what it takes to apply, it is important to also note the methods or steps to be followed for a successful application. However, the process of application is very simple and easy, they are;

  1. The applicant has to visit the homepage of the card provider which is (Abnbfcu.org), then click on “apply for ABNB Visa Platinum Credit Card Now! to enable future ABNB Visa Platinum Credit Card Login.
  2. Another page will pop up where the applicant is to provide certain information, which includes
  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Check the Is member Box
  • Member number

Checking Application Status And Application Cancellation

To check for application status, the applicant is meant to call the bank’s customer service on (800) 443 -1141). He is equally meant to provide his application reference number for confirmation before his status will be disclosed to him. Or send a mail to;

ABNB Operations Center,

 830 Greenbrier Circle,

Chesapeake, VA 23320.