ABNB Mastercard Platinum Credit Card Login Online | Pay Bill Online

ABNB Mastercard Platinum Credit Card Login Online | Pay Bill Online


ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card is issued in partnership with ABNB Federal Credit Union and can be used everywhere Visa card is accepted.ABNB Mastercard Platinum Credit Card

The card is rated ‘good’ and has a normal APR rate of 9.49% -17.99% with a Cash Advance APR Rate of 9.49% -17.99%.

ANBN MasterCard Platinum Credit Card has no fee attached at the initial year but charges $79 for the subsequent years.

The card holders of ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card are provided with a login portal that enables them access and manages their credit card.

With this login portal, cardholders can pay their bills, access their account details and activate their new cards.


Cardholders of ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card can earn many rewards with very low-interest rates. A cardholder can earn 1 point on every $1 spent.

ABNB Mastercard Platinum Credit Card  Login/ bill payment

Subscribers of ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card can activate their new cards, know from to time to time the status of their account, pay their bills, and review their monthly account history after logging in.

However, in order to access their account, cardholders need to provide their username and password.

But in the case of ‘forgotten password’, the website provides the facility to recover them very easily.

Notwithstanding, ABNB MasterCard credit card has provided well spelled out step to follow in order to login.

How to login ABNB Mastercard Platinum Credit Card Online Account

To login, it is a tradition to visit the issuer’s home page and ABNB is not an exception as cardholders are expected to visit bank login page on abnbfcu.org to sign to ABNB MasterCard Platinum Credit Card account.

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And what you need to do is to enter your user ID and click on the log in command, and then a detailed procedure will be laid down on the homepage and must be strictly followed.

How to make payment

The following are the steps to making payment:

  • The cardholder is to login to his credit card account by taking the steps already stated, when this is done, the cardholder will find options on how to make the payment or still visit any of the nearest branches of the card provider, or place a call across the customer care or even send a mail across to them
  • On the other hand, the cardholder can authorize an auto debit from his bank, so that the credit company can be paid by his bank at the ended of the month, saving him the time and energy of running around to withdraw cash to make purchases and settle other bills.

How to activate new ABNB Mastercard Platinum Credit Card Online

Once the card has been applied for and sent through the mail to the prospective cardholder, on receipt of the mail, he is to proceed by registering.

  • In order to achieve the above-mentioned, the cardholder has to visit the activation page, after going through the ‘’disclosure’’ the user should click on the ‘I agree’.
  • After agreeing to the terms, the cardholder will be taken to the application page where he is to provide the following details
  1. Name,
  2. Social security number,
  3. Account number,
  4. Date of birth,
  5. Zip code,
  6. Email Address etc. then submit it.

But in the case of any difficulty, the card user can call ABNB MasterCard platinum credit card customer care on;( 800) 443 -1141.

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