1st Summit Bank Online Banking

1st Summit Bank was first called Salix State Bank and was founded in 1924in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where it has its headquarters now. It is a privately owned and operated financial institution with over fifteen branches.

1st Summit Bank in embracing the dynamics of technology runs a convenient, fully featured and fully secure online banking service accessible globally at your own time. This online banking service lets you pay bills and manage accounts 24/7 anywhere provided have internet access.In this article, I will walk you through the process of setting up your account, logging In and Resetting your Password if you ever forget it.

Why You Need an Online Banking Account

Signing up for 1st Summit Bank Online Banking Service gives you the following privileges:

  • Check your account balance in real-time
  • View account statements electronically
  • Transfer funds between your accounts and to others
  • View interest gained
  • Request stop payments
  • Schedule automatic transfers

Getting Started With 1st Summit Bank

You need to have a checking or savings account with 1st Summit Bank to sign up for their online banking service. If you already have any of these you are good to go.

Step 1 Go to https://1stsummit.com and click the Sign-Up link.

Step 2Fill the secure sign-up form correctly, read and accept the terms and conditions then click Complete Sign Up.

Your account details will be checked against their database and verified. Once it is verified you can go on with the signup process.

Logging In To 1st Summit Bank Online

If you are done with your account signup process then you can now proceed to log in to your account dashboard.

Step 1 Go to https://1stsummit.com.

Step 2Enter your Username and Password then click Submit.

If your details are verified you will be logged into your online banking account dashboard.

Password Reset For 1st Summit Bank

The service made provision for resetting your password if you ever forget it.

Step 1 In the homepage, enter your Username and click the Submit button.

Step 2Click the “I can’t access my account” link.

Step 3 Enter your online banking phone number and username, then click “Send me a new password.”

The system after validating your account details will send you a new password.

Recovering Your Username

It also made provisions for recovering your Username if you forget it.

Step 1Follow the first 2 steps in the Password Reset section above.


Step 2 Click the “I forgot my username” link.

Step 3Enter your online banking email address, then click Send.

Once the system validates your email address, you will receive your username via your email address.